Below are a list of table tennis forums from around the world. If you want others adding just ask one of our committee. - possibly the biggest (members) English speaking tt forum with a strong North American influence. Can get quite heated on this forum at times.

OOAK Table Tennis Forum - Friendly world wide tt community run by haggisv. Started off as a site for "pimple players" but has grown massively to cover all aspects of table tennis. If you don't understand pimples, how to use them or how to play against them this is a good site to visit.

Tabletennisdaily -  UK based forum which has good links videos of lot's of table tennis matches in the "videos" section. Can be slow to load because of all the "flash" and graphics on the site.

None English Speaking forums add a different perspective to table tennis, how it's played and what foreign players think about the game. I've included links to some of them which are opened using google translator and which should give a rough english translation for you should you need it.

TT News - German based tt forum with good technical discussions

tennis-de-table - French based forum covering both local and national table tennis news coverage with forum - Russian Table Tennis Federation website with global news and forum

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