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Equipment Sale.


The Cheltenham Table Tennis Club (CTTC) have 3 made up bats and an assorted number of blades, and rubbers in good condition for sale.  

These are suitable for TT players wishing to play with a better or different bat, or for members who have no competition experience and newcomers.

The Rubbers can be fitted.

Contact me (Peter Cruwys) to view. Viewing and a try out can be arranged at CTTC on a Tuesday or Friday evening.

Peter Cruwys

Club Equipment Manager

Tel 07592 868919        



BAT 1. With case.  £20.    

       Hallmark Aurora Blade, fitted with Sriver D13L.  2.0.mm both sides.  Tapered handle.

       Suitable for ‘attack play’ .


BAT 2.  With case. £15. 

    TSP Balsa 55 Blade, fitted with RITC 802 Black Pimpled Rubber 1.2mm and Palio Red Pimpled Rubber 1.0 mm . Tapered handle.

    Suitable for a player who likes to defend, and attack on occasions.


BAT 3.  With case. £20.

   JOOLA Fire Rossi blade, Express Rubbers 2mm.. Straight Handle.  £20

Suitable for ‘attack play’.



There are 3 good blades and 25 rubbers, mostly black. These need to be seen to evaluate, and advice on suitability will be offered.                                  

All can be fitted for a small charge.

£1 per rubber, towards the glue and/or acetone.  



       Type                                                        Handle               SALE PRICE

1.    DHS Hurricane HWN                            Taper                       £7

2.   Donic Cayman                                        Taper                       £7

3.   Stiga Karlsen                                           Straight             £7



Types                                                                 Colour    Thickness    Qt’y   Sale Price( for 1)

Tenergy 25                                                          Black          1.5 mm     1            £10 

Sriver  D13 L                                                        Black          2mm      2            £10

LKT Rapid Sound                                             Black           2 mm        1       £7

Joola Energy                                                       Black           2mm         1             £5

Stiga Innova                                                        Black           2mm         1             £5

Friendship RITC 729                                           Black      2mm     3       £5             

Friendship RITC 2000Tack Speed                Black     2mm        1         £5             

Blutenkirsche  Kokotaki 868                             Black    1.5mm  1        £5           

We also have in stock Palio bats, 3 star and practice balls, sponges, bat cleaner etc for sale.

We also have a limited range of TT sportswear for sale and will shortly be having some evenings coming up when these will be on sale – will let you know what items and when that is to be.  

PS. If you have any equipment (bats, rubbers or sportswear) suitable for sale we would greatly appreciate them

– all helps towards club funds.


Peter Cruwys

Club Equipment Manager

Tel 07592 868919        


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