John Adcock sadly passed away

Sadly John Adcock passed away away just over a week ago.

John - in admin role
1951-52 Sec, St Marks Methodist YC also won the Div 4 handicap aged 17
1998-99 Team Captain, Saracens C
1999-00 Team Captain, Saracens C
2000-01 Team Captain, Saracens C
2008-09 Team Captain, Old Saracens (after move to Cleeve)
2009-10 Team Captain, Old Saracens

John - as player
Listed in the averages in the following years:
1956-57 Div 4
1957-58 Div 3
1958-59 Div 2

Between 1981-82 and 2008-09, John appeared regularly in the averages, topping the Div 5 averages in 1981-82 and the Div 3 averages in 1991-92. He played for the following clubs, in chronological order - NALGO, Dowty Ashchurch, Chelsea BS, Saracens and Cleeve Old Saracens. 

John was also awarded the Ron Dawkins Trophy 1995-96 for his exceptional services to Cheltenham Table Tennis.

John continued to play in Cheltenham until 2012. In total a span of over 60 years.


The funeral service is at The North Chapel at Cheltenham Crematorium on Thursday 22nd November at 12.30 pm

Here is John receiving Ron Dawkins award from John Boyd


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